The best parts of snowboarding are the DIY parts. It was build on that foundation and it ain’t totally lost these days. TWSNOW briefly profiled 11 souls who are still getting their hands dirty.



The first stop on the way down this rabbit hole was a conversation with Sean Genovese–absolute royalty when it comes to DIY. We caught up on the first day of my journey to Hood, in the High Mountain Café, a hub for summertime reunions and computer nerds. From starting Dinosaurs Will Die thirteen years ago with Jeff Keenan to the integral role he played in producing numerous Think Thank videos, Sean breathes life into the DIY spirit of his peers and those who look up to him. In explaining his take on the concept, he mused, “By doing it yourself you take control of your own destiny; you have a say in where you’re going, what you’re making, and who you do it with.”




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