Surf photographer extraordinaire John Respondek has created some of the most memorable surf shoots from the last three generations of freesurfers including Dion Agius, Taj Burrow, Craig Anderson, Creed McTaggart, Dane Reynolds, and many many more.

Dion – no slouch with a camera himself – turned the tables on John and dug into his archives and brain to find out what’s kept him ticking all these years.



Australian photographer John Respondek has spent his career desert-trotting and wedge-hunting with three generations of free surfers, documenting some of the most progressive talents through the end of the film era, across into digital, and now into the social media age (with his remaining dedication to print media as a defining factor).

His favorite coconspirators range from Ozzie Wright to Taj Burrow to Craig Anderson. For the short biopic above, we decided to flip the lens and have another of his favorite subjects, Dion Agius, shoot and direct a film about Respondek’s method and habitat. The result is a look across light tables, into image projections, and through loupes at a vast body of work, and at a modernist shooter with a sense for the spontaneities of both surf photography and his subjects.




Click to THE SURFERS JOURNAL for Dion Agius’ Interchange w/ surf photographer John Respondek







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