Dion Agius just might be the trendiest (in a positive way) surfer of the last decade. He singlehandedly made a blog necessary (and then unnecessary) and no one has looked better out of the water than this man. Dion also lead the charge with the resurgence of rider owned brands while simultaneously putting out creative video parts and also took back the Internet!

Lucky for us his talented friend John Respondek has been following him around the world with a camera for the last decade capturing all his trend-setting moments with friends.

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‘Dion. By Respondek’ is part one in a series of independent photography essays.

“During my charmed existence as a surf photographer, I have had the opportunity to work with a whole bunch of professional surfers. Over the years, I have become great friends with a few, such as Dion Agius, Taj Burrow, Craig Anderson, and pals. These days I work and travel with these guys almost exclusively. In turn, my photo library of them is extensive, and although we have experienced a bunch of published success, in editorial exposure and advertising campaigns, there’s still so much imagery that deserves a chance to shine. It’s great to have the opportunity to catalogue these into a complete and tangible art piece for people to enjoy. This 120-page compilation of high-impact moments features the unique style and energetic flair of Dion, bound together in a pastel pink colour theme.”



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