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Dion Agius was born from the Internet in a way. One of the first pro surfers to really use the blog format to create himself. Now he’s bored of it and going the complete other direction with the release of his latest movie The Smiling Bag.

He explained all to Surfline on his current European premiere tour. It’s a long personal project that he’s hoping to keep off-line, but don’t worry you can email him at: dion@epokhe.co


Surfline: With so much disposable stuff (i.e. crap) popping up every minute online these days, what compelled you to release a short film via global premieres and hand-to-hand hard copy only?

Dion Agius: My goal was to never have this be uploaded online if I could avoid it. This film was a much more personal project for me. I never felt as though it was going to be this big thing that I wanted everyone to see; it just started out as a fun way to experiment with editing and house some footage from the past two years. I had been shooting a lot of 16mm of my friends on the road and wanted somewhere to put it, so it didn’t just rot away on my hard drive. The film is quite self-indulgent, and also long, about 40 minutes, so I don’t think it really suits online. And I just love the fact that, even though it might eventually be digitally available on a USB, there is still a physicality to it.


Check out the full interview over on SURFLINE – Dion Agius‘ New Film Tells the Internet to Buzz Off: Aussie visionary reveals why The Smiling Bag will never be available online, at least not in the traditional sense.


COPENHAGEN, 11th AUGUST. The smiling bag. OH DAWN STORE.

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