Perpetually black beanie’d Dion Agius is one of our favs. As far as creativity and cool things done off a surfboard goes, Dion can’t really be touched. From the fashion to the movies to the brands he runs; he doesn’t take no L’s. His surfing as well though has really grown on us. It’s a little rabid but unpredictable and fun to watch. This long-form piece from STAB gets to the heart of Dion. Where he came from and how he grew into his creativity and his current mindset. Fits in quite nice with the Hayden Shapes team gotta say.



“But Dion’s not one for the “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” motto. If anything his motto would more be along the lines of: “If it ain’t broke, better fix it anyways, because it’ll probably be broken soon.” More than any modern-day surfer, Dion has kept himself ahead of what’s considered “cool.””


Click to STAB MAG for the full Dion Agius profile: Surfing’s 21st Century Digital Boy





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