You’d be excused for thinking that style icon Darrell Mathes has been on Ashbury for 10-years or so. It just seemed like a natural fit. But reality is he was just added today. Watch the video of legends talking about what a legend he is, ya legend!

“Darrell has been a part of who we are long before we started Ashbury. He’s been with us since the start and his presence in the culture of our brand is undeniable. As a rule, Ashbury has always been very inclusive and we treat other riders and friends the way we treat our own team, and Darrell has always been someone we’ve included in everything we do. But until now, he’s never been officially one of our guys. We’re proud to to announce Darrell as a part of our team. It just makes sense.

Look for Darrell in the upcoming Vans movie along with Jake Kuzyk, Danimals, Zac Marben, and Cole Navin.

Watch our welcome video to see what Joey Sexton, Jake Kuzyk, and Nima Jalali have to say about the move!”

Special thanks to Jake Durham, Desiree Melancon, and Justin Meyer.