Have you watched the fabulous North Atlantic only surf flick The Perilous Sea? Did you know of its curse? It is up there with the greatest cold water surf movies ever made, but it was not easy to make even with the surf talents of Noah Wegrich, Noah Cohen, Kevin Schulz, WIlem Banks, Logan Landry, Dane Anderson, Sam Hammer, Will Skudin, Noah Lane and Heidar Eliasson behind it.


Sample of Bromley’s famous last words:

“Man I just got back from Iceland and it was perfect and so easy to score. Nova Scotia has been pumping also! I think we should throw it all out there and make a surf film, I mean a real surf film. I think we should strictly shoot it in the North Atlantic, Its never really been done before and I don’t think it will be that hard!” And with this talk of scoring with simplicity we should have known that from this conversation on, we would be cursed, just as countless vessels before who thought they could conquer the North Atlantic with ease.



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