The people behind the scenes have always fascinated us. The ones who make the movies, design the graphics, make music, create the logos that become iconic, and in their spare time are just as passionate about snowboarding or skateboarding as the pros they are creating for. Switzerland based Christian Neuenschwande fits this description just about perfectly.



Long before anyone talked about “influencers” there were creative people working behind the scenes in snowboarding, quietly helping to shape our thoughts on style and aesthetics. Over the past decade, very few people in Switzerland have been as influential as Christian Neuenschwander. I had a long chat with him about a number of subjects – from pro model boards, to rediscovering his love for snowboarding, through a full circle of Fruition. Sounds interesting? Let’s go…  

Hey Christian, can you take a moment to introduce yourself?
I’ll try to keep it short… my name is Christian Neuenschwander, born in 1980 in Zürich, Switzerland, son of Menchu Asuncion Neuenschwander and Eduard Neuenschwander. I grew up in an artistic surrounding and as far back as I can remember, it felt natural to work with my imagination and senses. I just love to create and craft things. My professional background is Graphic Design, specialized in branding and Illustration. Along the way I’ve picked up photography, and learned how to play and produce music. I also started skateboarding as a young kid which kept me moving, and still does. It is a huge part of me, and a great source of inspiration and motivation.




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