Corey Duffel has great insight into skateboarding and the life that it has created for him. This “People I’ve Known” article consists of him spilling a sentence or two on many, many people within skateboarding culture. Very eye opening.



John Cardiel: “I went skating in Sacto with him when I was 12 and remember him eating shit and saying, “The concrete has no love today.” Twenty-one years later, I still say that when I slam. Cards has been one of my biggest influences.”

Ed Templeton: “I was not patient as a teenager. I was probably too ignorant to even know what patience was. I always wondered what would have happened if I waited it out and rode for Toy Machine. I used to leave messages on Tempster’s answering machine about babes I was hitting the bone zone with and telling him that I did my first nosegrind down a handrail.”




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