Some surf shapers can seem like a pretty backward focused group sometimes. Often anyone making forward strides is mocked as shaping surfboards is a very prized skill. Chris Christenson is one of the guys making creative leaps and bounds through all sorts of areas of shaping. And although this interview doesn’t go into it, it’s clear that looking at snowboard design helps him look at the ocean glide from a new perspective. Pretty cool to see this multidiscipline inspiration.




cc: I started out surfing on a conventional shortboard. A lot of the shortboard guys don’t know that I make longboards, or alternative fish designs. And the same goes for the longboard and fish guys. My production has an even balance. It’s basically broken down into thirds–I’ve got one-third WCT-type stuff, one-third alternative, and one-third logs. And the gun thing is in its own category too. I always like a challenge. On any given day in the shaping room, I could do two boards for a pro shortboarder, a gun, a nose rider, a twin-fin, and a quad-fin all in the same day. I’ve always compared it to golf, you don’t hit the same club on every shot. I don’t think you should do that with surfing either.



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