Chippa Wilson, probably the most consistent aerialist in surf right now, finally made it to the epic air sections of Waco with a crew from What Youth a couple weeks back. So what’d he think? Well besides having all his boards blow off the top of the van on the Interstate, pretty well. Although not as good as the ocean.



Tell us about losing your boards. What happened?
I have no idea. We rocked up to the house that we were staying on in Raccoon Hollow and I jumped up on the roof and I was unpacking the boards. I hit one of the lads up asking if they took my boards inside and everyone said, “naw.” And I thought it was a joke. Then I found my strap on the tie-downs so, it was the real deal. They were somewhere between Dallas and Waco.

And you lost your other bag on the way from Oz to California?
Aw yeah that’s right. I lost my bag with all my surfing equipment like my fins, leggies, stickers. Everything really, clothes and shoes. I was posted up in Waco for five days with a pair of jeans, a t-shirt, and that was it really.

You must have felt free not having to worry about anything though.
Yeah it was pretty sick all I had was a little tote bag and that was it. Everyone else was packing board bags and scrambling when we were leaving and I had nothing. It felt good.




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