We knew the scene around Olympic skateboarding and surfing was going to be an outrageous sideshow and here from JENKEM we have more proof. China is assembling an army to win the Olympics at any cost!



According to the CRSA’s guidelines, in order to train, kids must be between the ages of 8 and 14 and have previous experience either skating or doing some full-body sport like martial arts, gymnastics, or even diving. Apparently, kids were even picked from Shaolin monasteries based on “the results from push-ups and running.” Because it’s China, kids in CESA’s camp must also have “strong patriotism and desire to win honor for the motherland.” To prove this isn’t entirely fabricated propaganda, one training group was actually seen at a skatepark in Huntington Beach.



Click to JENKEM for the feature on Chinese Olympic skateboarding recruitment strategies




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