chima ferguson andrew allen chat zine

Andrew Allen is back with an another ‘episode’ of Chat Zine, this time with Chima Ferguson. If you missed his last Chat with Austyn Gillette get caught up on that.

He talks crazy Rowan boozing stories, never ‘going full Baker at Street League, buying a house, and Canadian skateboard beef involving Bobby De Keyzer:

It’s like that East Coast vs West Coast drama that happened in Hip Hop in the early 90’s. That’d be pretty sick if like Wade Desarmo somehow killed a Red Dragon. Imagine if they then had like Sluggo, and some of those other fighter dudes goin’ over to knock out Wade or something.
It fully is like that. The dudes from the East Coast are like New York skaters or something. Bobby Dekyzer and all that and then you’ve got the jocks on the west Side. You hear about Tyshawn slapping up Bobby Dekyzer? He was writing shit on Instagram talking shit on Sean Pablo and the whole Supreme thing. Bobby Dekyzer turned up at some spot and Tyshawn was like “fuck you doin here man, you can’t be over here, I don’t want you here” slapped his hat off, he put his head down and then he just grabbed him and slapped the shit outta him and then he just bounced by himself. And he slapped up Chase Webb at Tampa.

Head over to Chat for Andrew Allen’s interview with Chima.