It was a sad day for all when Camp Of Champions owner Ken Achenbach declared the end of summer camp forever due to lack of snow on the glacier because of global warming. It bummed out a lot of people not just because it has fed the soul of snowboarding for some 25-years and did so much for so many people (myself included), but also because at the very last minute it left many people out of summer work and many kids bummed their summer shred plans were changing up.

But climate change, right?

Yes it is obviously a real thing, but almost immediately you heard other camps firing back that the glacier was business as usual after a strong winter. They weren’t trying to start beef, only reassuring their campers not to panic and to still come enjoy the summer. Rich Glass is even calling it the best summer conditions in 20-years.

Publicly, that we are aware of, no snowboarder had come out and put their beef in the open, then along came the outspoken Andrew Geeves. See above and below.




Even threatening physical violence. Wow.

The full post goes back and forth and Lucciano O’Jence even called out the homie Jody Wachniak for posting a heartwarming eulogy before he deleted it.

Mad drama in Whis this summer. Must be the come down from all that white pow.

Then in comes Ken Achenbach himself with the flying elbow off the top ropes! Who knows how this one is going to end. Probably, eventually, with a glacier that no longer has any snow on it though that may take some time.


(Here’s some other info from a REDDIT post)




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