chad otterstrom snowboard podcast

Chad Otterstrom is now 40-years old. Crazy for those that grew up watching him star in the best snowboard movies. The good news is he’s still got it. Riding hard as well as taking photos.

The Not Snowboarding Podcast got Chad to appear as their latest guest and he dropped some knowledge on all aspects of snowboarding and life. I always did wonder why every team that signed Chad seemed to go out of business within a couple seasons…

“Turns out that it’s actually more fun than soft boots (hard boots).”

“Working at Walmart is better than working the lift.”

“People would ask what I’d do when I was done snowboarding – duh you’re like, I’m gonna snowboard.”

“All of sudden you’re forty and you’ve only got five friends left in town.”
“Most snowboard coaches feel like the end all is getting a gold medal in the Olympics, but for me it’s like the beginning… like free riding you know?”