Bali seems like a surfers paradise. It IS a surfers paradise, as long as you watch out for trouble. There’s been a great frequency of females being drugged and bad things happening and now the dudes gotta watch out as well as Canadian expat Kyle Garnett found out the hard way.

This is one of the more fucked up stories – care of STAB – we’ve heard coming out of Bali lately:

“In what is a serious escalation in the spate of drink and food spiking in Bali, Canadian ex-pat Kyle Garnett was fed drug-laced ice-cream by a mystery Indonesian woman before paddling out for a surf at Uluwatu. The woman had approached him outside Nalu bowls and asked him to try some of her ice cream. He refused initially, though eventually caved into her requests after she persisted three to four times, even producing a second bowl with Acai in it for him to try. 

Garnett came to four hours later “covered in sand and drooling” with no recollection of what happened. The woman had also managed to steal his wallet and phone from the warung (cafe/restaurant) where he’d left his belongings.”


Click over to STAB for the full story and interview with Kyle Garnett.


Below is the lizard of a lady that did the drugging and committed the crimes. Be on the look out and don’t take ice cream (or drinks) from strangers.