Snowboarding is a changing. The young kids are not taking to it like they used to. The older guys are… well they are older. Bodies don’t heal as fast and they no longer enjoy chucking themselves down street rails and landing upside down on concrete. The old crew did another funny thing over the last decade or so, they started spending their off-season chasing waves and this is now visible in the culture of snowboarding as a whole. Riders now have quivers of boards including weird handmade powder boards. There are banked slalom contests every weekend of the winter now instead of once a year in Baker. What a welcome “trend.”

STAB, the surf mag, looked at Bryan Fox’s latest movie Yesterday in terms of all of this.



They say one of the main culprits of the sport’s decline is the inability for participants to age with it. When snowboarding first surged in popularity, it was rage-filled, edgy and cool then it morphed into a do-a-1080-or-GTFO mainstream phenomena. Makes sense why an angst-free 43-year-old with bad knees might not feel like they can relate.

Now, the good news: that’s changing.

There has been a movement in snowboarding and you may call it purist if you insist. Said movement is less about choreographed Olympic Gold runs announced by men with spiked hair and more about finding good snow in cool places and riding the natural terrain of the mountain as best you can. In other words, it’s getting surfier.



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