Much has been said about Kelly Slater and his “perfect wave” but perhaps none talk surfing better than Lewis Samuels. Even when he is doing so for Esquire Magazine. Forgive if you’ve read this one already, but we’ve been off the grid and it’s too good to pass on. Even though we thought that contest at the Ranch was too boring to even watch 5-minutes of, they will probably figure it out someday with a few tweaks to the format and what have you. Read up for Lewis’ thoughts…



When Slater asks for my take on his creation, I tell him the truth: His wave is surreal, addictive, sublime. But my reverence is laced with a nagging dread. He wants to know if I’ve read Ray Kurzweil’s prophecies of artificial intelligence outpacing humanity. “Just because you can build something doesn’t mean you should. Like the atom bomb,” he laughs, reading my expression. “Or like this pool.” It’s hard to tell if he’s joking.




Click to ESQUIRE for Lewis Samuels profile on Kelly Slater and his wave pool






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