Fashion has been on skateboardings dick for awhile now and every week it’s getting pushed further and further. Dior Homme is even producing their own decks now. All for fashion giving us some loot and mainstream coverage, but that’s a little too far if you ask us.

Anyway, Gucci hiring ex-pro snowboarder Trevor Andrew to added cool factor. Louis Vuitton collab’ing with the cool kids and Jason Dill and Gonz from Supreme NYC. Tommy Hilfiger tapping into the Russian skate vibes of Gosha Rubchinskiy. Etc. Etc. The list goes on. So can skate streetwear collaborations make luxury brands more cool? Yeah in certain circles I’d say so….



It didn’t quite break the internet, but when Louis Vuitton announced the locations of six pop-up shops that, for a limited time, would carry the luxury megabrand’s Autumn/Winter 2017 collaboration with cult streetwear label Supreme, the excitement on social media was palpable. The following morning, 7,500 people in Tokyo, 2,000 people in London and 1,500 people in Sydney lined up for a chance to buy pieces from the collection. Hours later, pieces from the partnership were being resold for thousands of dollars on sites like eBay and Grailed. (Heard $25K for a hoodie.)

The launch was swiftly followed by news of Tommy Hilfiger’s upcoming partnership with ultra-cool luxury streetwear label Vetements, set to bow in September, and came just weeks after the skater-inflected label Gosha Rubchinskiy unveiled a partnership with British luxury megabrand Burberry at Rubchinskiy’s recent Spring/Summer 2018 show in Saint Petersburg.



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