Imagine being an up-and-coming snowboarder and Travis Rice invites you out to session a nice little backcountry jump. You guys hike out there, through some snow blocks until the kicker is double overhead, then shit your pants because you realize you now have to launch  250-feet through some trees while a million dollars of camera gear tracks your every move. Not for the faint hearted.

Cam Fitzpatrick came up under Jackson Hole godfather Travis Rice and did just that for enough years to get some tricks in this years highly hyped The Fourth Phase. He is officially a man now and making a name for his own damn self. He told the Snowboard Mag all about it and how it almost killed him… twice:


How has your relationship with Travis changed over the years? I know he’s a bit older than you and has really become a mentor.

For me it started out as this total idol and hero thing, and it still is like that in some ways. We’ll be out filming together and I’ll still feel like the little kid looking up to the big kid. I’ve looked up to him my whole life, and not just Travis but Bryan Iguchi too – Bryan’s like the godfather of all of this, even for Travis – and a lot of the other people involved in this project, guys like Pat Moore… everybody, really. Ben Ferguson came out with us and really crushed it, and we had this bond because we knew we were the young guns, out there trying to keep up with our heroes. My relationship with Travis has changed to where he’s now also kind of like this brother figure to me. He pushes me in a different way than I’ve ever been pushed, and not even necessarily by anything he says or does so much as just this pressure I feel when I’m around him to step it up. Sometimes it’s more than a little scary, having Travis Rice push you like that, I’m not going to lie. We’ve gone through a lot of crazy things together! But he’s taught me a lot about doing your own thing, survival, sticking together, group dynamics, everyone having a role to play, getting things right, having fun.


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