If any two snowboarders right now epitomize the old school ‘shred hard, party hard’ mantra it’s Kevin Backstrom and Tor Lundstrom – the duo behind ‘Beyond Medals.‘ Kev and Tor along with their merry crew of stylish Euro wild men Ulrik Badertscher, David Djite, Max Buri and Sebbe de Buck filmed throughout most of last winter to build their BYNDxMDLS web series into a full movie. Now it’s out and it’s fittingly called Vacation Forever because that’s how these cats live. After touring the flick for a two weeks of straight debauchery it’s finally online for the common folk to view.

Onboard caught up with Tor for some banter before the big European premiere. Here’s a sample:

What made you and Kevin want to switch it up and save the best shots for a movie, rather than put out episodes with all the bangers like you’ve done in the past?

We’ve been doing the episodes for three years, and we always want to go forward somehow or do something new. We just wanted to do a proper movie, we haven’t really ever filmed for a movie part the whole year, and that’s what we wanted to do. We just thought we’ll do the episodes and maybe the riding-side won’t be so good because we’ll save the best shots, but I think they worked out pretty good anyway. We had some lifestyle in there to make it more entertaining and saved the best shots and focussed on trying and get our movie parts going. We didn’t go to places and just try to get something done because we had an episode to fill, we really focussed on getting the tricks we wanted to get for our movie parts.  


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VACATION FOREVER – ONLINE After 2 weeks on tour the full movie is finally ONLINE at @onboardmag – link in BIO 💝

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