burton cushy job

In a major blow to the worlds biggest snow trade show – SIA Snow Show – has lost the worlds biggest snowboarding brandBurton. After a couple years of downplaying their involvement word is that Burton is exiting the show completely. In a world where image is everything and rumors can lead to less dollars spent it’s an interesting move on Burton’s part. The snowboard industry and especially Burton has been known to be hurting for years now, but what does this mean?

The core kids are screaming, “Is it because of Greg Dacyshyn‘s drug addiction and street wear fascination?” Answer: No, probably not.

Jake Burton Carpenter just laid all his cards out on the table for this fabulous interview with Snowboarder Mag‘s Pat Bridges. It is a must read. Perhaps there are some crumbs to pick through regarding Burton’s immediate future there?

In close timing, Burton just lifted their dress to SHOP EAT SURF on their latest business plans in a “quest to form closer partnerships with key retailers and rally employees.” President of the B – John Lacy – discusses with SES regarding their new transparency, and their key business strategies. You gotta be a premium member to get into it though.



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