Everyone dreams of having an off-the-grid cabin. Now imagine that cabin could have a diy skate park, snowboard park, and bike trails. This is exactly what Alex Andrews and Chris Grenier dreamed up deep in the Wasatch and it looks insane.



“Being able to disconnect was something we were stoked on initially, but didn’t realize how much we both needed it until we experienced it,” Andrews tells TGR. “I’d say out of all the activities and rad stuff we got going on at TFF, being disconnected and living in the moment is by far my favorite. Spending quality time with friends and family, having genuine conversations, playing cards, talking shit, making food, and just relaxing is what makes the whole thing worth it.”

After the inaugural winter the real work began. Andrews, Grenier, and a large crew of friends began pouring concrete, clearing trials, and fabricating new snowboard features. The results has been one of the most amazing transformations in snowboard fantasy house history. The crew built a full cement skate park with a perfect blend of transition and street features, mountain bike trails with plenty of air sections, and an upgraded rope-tow made out of an old Ford F-150 that Andrews and Grenier winched up a precarious hill on the property.




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