Tim O’Connor runs a skateboard podcast that’s right up their with The Bunt Live as the most entertaining there is. Add the crusty and elusive Bobby Puleo to the mix and you know things are going to get grimey.


“For those who don’t know his story, Bobby has spent countless days and nights digging through the five boroughs and New Jersey for undiscovered crust, making sure to leave no subway grate unturned and no cellar door unskated. He’s lived through the many highs and lows of New York’s skate scene, from the glory days of The Brooklyn Banks, the heyday of Astor, and the gentrification of Downtown Manhattan and Brooklyn. You name it and Bobby will surely talk your ear off with a long-winded story from a time when things were just a little bit different.”


Here’s the rundown of highlights:

[2:30] Bobby’s fakie ollie and doing tricks “wrong”.
[3:45] Life before cell phones and the age of the Internet.
[6:16] Adapting to new technology and the Instagram era.
[9:52] Promoting Victim on Instagram.
[11:50] Discovering new things via word of mouth.
[14:40] Bobby’s self-released 2013 video part.
[17:07] Obsession with social media in skateboarding.
[19:15] Skateboarding as a “practice” vs. a “sport”.
[23:55] Bobby’s approach to discovering skate spots.
[27:50] Bobby’s interests in urban exploration and graffiti.
[30:55] The Brooklyn Banks as a regular meet up spot.
[32:45] Moving to Brooklyn in the late ’90s.
[34:42] Other pro skaters imitating Bobby’s style and approach to skateboarding.
[37:10] The evolution of Anthony Pappalardo.


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