Is surf media coverage so dictated by sponsors that it takes MENS JOURNAL to cover Bobby Martinez still? Give this man the microphone and never ask for it back. A few years after the greatest post-heat interview of all time at the New York ASP event Bobby is still loud, angry, and has some points to prove. It’s amazing and he brings up many good points. Nothing is safe: Quiksilver, Billabong, Kelly Slater’s wave pool, the Olympics, other surfers, sponsorship in general, etc.

No wait… Bobby does like Monster Energy.

“They respect how I ended up going about it because I wasn’t just saying something stupid. But I’m so thankful that they have been with me like that because other companies like Billabong and Quicksilver — that are 100 percent about the tour and all this fucking surfing blah, blah, blah — would have cut me regardless. You can’t be yourself with those companies. The industry is horrible. It’s hard to find a company that just respects you and is going to let you be yourself. Surfers can’t say shit because where are they going to go?”


Ok so Bobby mentions that pro surfers have to do what their companies tell them. True. As technically those companies are their bosses. Like any other job, you work for your boss and more or less have to do what they say. No matter if you’re a pro surfer or blue collar. Life is a bitch ain’t it.


Click to MENS JOURNAL for the full Bobby Martinez surf industry rant/interview.




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