It’s been 6-years since Bobby Martinez declared pro surfing as stagnant as tennis on a live webcast and went down as a flaming martyr. Now a middle-aged father living in Santa Barbara not playing the surfing game for some time, but that doesn’t stop the surf media from continuing to pester Bobby for quotes.

One has to ask themselves, why? Is pro surfing still as boring as Bobby proclaimed so long ago that he is the only one that can give the controversy we secretly desire? If Bobby does not care about pro surfing should pro surfing care about Bobby?

We don’t have the answers but will admit when Mister Martinez gets a mic put in front of him we will always be all ears.



Do you follow pro surfing?
No, I don’t. I don’t follow any of it. 

It’s all about balance, right?
When I quit the tour I fucking hated surfing more than anything and I really didn’t want to surf. The way it went in the contests and the people I was around, it really just made me hate surfing. I was just doing it because people around me were like, “What do you mean you don’t want to do this?” I know people that were on tour and never wanted to fall off. They just loved it. It took me years to find that love again, and I only just found it recently.

Do ever look back and see the Bobby that was on tour as a different person? 
I feel like it was another lifetime. I can’t even fathom being that person or doing what I used to do. I kind of look at myself and think, how the fuck did I do that? Did I really do that? I have all trophies that I won, but they’re in a box in a closet in my daughter’s room. I don’t have them out. There’s nothing in my house that’s surf related. Nothing. No magazines, nothing. There’s nothing in my life, and there has never been, where you walk into my house and you think, “Oh, okay, this guy must surf.”



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