TV is in a golden age right now. The best its ever been, better than movies even! Surf on the other hand is not. But it was back in 2002 when Blue Crush stormed the screens and made surfing popular for people that would never know the glory of even riding a wave. That’s what surfing needs right now, that NON-surfer money.

And so it was just announced that Blue Crush is being rebooted for NBC as they struggle to find ways to compete with HBO, Showtime, Hulu, and others. Right? I don’t know. But I do know it’ll probably be horrible, but will still watch it anyway.



As in the feature — which spawned a direct-to-video sequel — the NBC take tells the story of female empowerment and ambition in the world of Hawaii’s North Shore. In the wake of a tragic accident, a surfer works to revive her career and bring pride to a local community threatened by commercialism and dangerous surf politics. Even in paradise, you never know what chaos is brewing inside the barrel.



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