Partying and drinking more is the way to do the quad cork. Real Talk from Billy Morgan, the first guy to land the trick. Billy has a pretty crazy snowboard story coming from the plastic dry slopes of the UK to being the originator of the triple backside rodeo as well as the first quad cork. Because of his pushing the limited he has also had to deal with some hate. You think he cares? Yeah right…


Those tricks got a lot of backlash, some people liked it when others didn’t and even went as far to say you were destroying snowboarding. Was that tough to hear all the negativity when you were putting yourself out there and what would you say to those haters?
I try not to listen to them. Snowboarding is such a diverse sport that i don’t think one person pushing one part of it can destroy anything. There are punters out there that get stoked on just riding the pistes and then there are pros putting out sick rail sections. Snowboarding is too strong to be destroyed. To the haters I would say, stop your whining, stop your moaning, get to de chopper.

Are those tricks fun to do? Would you throw a triple into a line for fun?
Hell yeah, it’s a great feeling landing a triple. Do you remember doing your first 360 or backflip? It’s the best feeling ever to land something new and the same when you land your first dub, trip, front board through the kink you always wanted to do. Whatever.


Oh yeah and Billy also mentioned that Marcus Kleveland is the future and when the quint cork flip comes it’ll probably come from him.


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