Vinod Khosla helped birth the Internet, is now worth billions, and he is willing to spend the rest of his life in litigation all the way up to the Supreme Court to keep the public from walking on a beach that he has never even been to. Huh?

In a low point he even had five surfers arrested there back in 2012. Now he’s trying to tell his side of the story.



After a decade’s worth of billable hours, those in legal combat with Mr. Khosla are somewhat awed by his determination.

“All he had to do was apply for a permit to change the gate hours,” said Angela Howe, the legal director at the Surfrider Foundation, a nonprofit that advocates beach access causes and is Mr. Khosla’s primary antagonist. “It’s really, like, wow,” she said. “Now, if the Supreme Court takes it up, it could rule about every coastal management program in the United States.”

The low point in the conflict was probably in 2012. Mr. Khosla hired guards to stand by the beach access road near a “Do Not Enter” sign, and the police arrested some surfers who hopped over the closed gate. Here was this peculiar billionaire. There were the charismatic surfers. Arrested, they became The Martin’s Five. (The charges against them were ultimately dropped.)

Mr. Kaul said that the forces arranged against his colleague simply do not comprehend how much flak he will absorb in his quest to win.




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