All hail Bill Murray. The greatest who-knows-what of all time! Of course he’s much more than just an actor. He is a pop culture force and if you research some of the behind the scenes stories about him you’ll be on the floor laughing. Of course WHALEBONE created a whole issue in a surf magazine about him. SURFER MAG put up one of the interviews of him and Slater talking about his first real wave ridden, which was a 12-footer at Padang Padang.



KELLY And you ended up in G-Land somehow right?

BILL Yup, ended in G-Land. Um, I met these guys,
should I say I met these characters, and they took me to

KELLY Which is a super dangerous spot.

BILL Yeah, which is like stupid that I was there. And
these guys were surfing, and they put me on, ya know?
And I got pushed, Rory Russell, pushed me onto my
first wave.

KELLY See I was wondering how you and Rory became
buddies, so it was through Bali.

BILL He pushed me on my first wave at PadangPadang.
And, because I paddled out with those guys
and I knew nothing about how to paddle out or where to
paddle out or anything, he pushed me on it and it was a
real 12-foot wave.




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