Does that above photo look as epic to you as doing a big open face turn on a Rincon wall?

Well I guess that just depends on how jaded you are on snowboarding. At first glance to us it just doesn’t seem like something worth covering. To someone like Gerry Lopez it looks like a reason to leave the best waves in the world and live in powder seclusion and once a year invite some of your good friends to join in some turning and burning and hooting and hollering.

Now don’t we feel like assholes!

Gerry Lopez, the legendary Mr. Pipeline himself, has for seven years now put on his Big Wave Challenge at Mt. Bachelor. He even wrote an article about it.

Now we can stop hating on snowboard events that seem to hinder the progression of snowboarding because they have more great times.


Here’s a sample:

“What the Big Wave Challenge brings together is snowboarding with surfing, the sport it spawned from. Surfers brought surfing to the snow, and since the late 1970s, snowboarding has become a popular sport with performance levels and equipment improvements continually evolving. While talking one day with Andy Goggins, then the Marketing Director at Mt. Bachelor, about how I had named a number of the naturally created snow features our mountain enjoys with each new snowfall after favorite surf spots, he had an epiphany. Why not create an event for snowboarding that utilizes these features? Logistically, it was unrealistic, but snow features could be built, and we brainstormed putting an event together. The idea was to make waves out of snow and judge it like a surf contest.”


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