Best I Ever Saw: Andy Irons | “… completely spontaneous, + the most naturally gifted surfer I’ve ever seen.”


The great Andy Irons will never be forgotten. No way. No how. TSJ looks back at a trip to a Mexican point break where AI lit it up and once again proved he’s the most spontaneous, powerful, and innovative.

Long Live A.I.



He was completely spontaneous, and the most naturally gifted surfer I’ve ever seen. The wave shown here is from a trip to Mexico, where we got the points really good for the film Trilogy. I remember clearly that this was his very first wave off the plane. He had walked up the beach, said hello to me, Rob Gilley, Matt Beauchesne, and Taylor Steele. Then he paddled out, caught this wave, and did this turn. I never saw him do a turn like this again.

I miss Andy so much. I think about him every day. 


When you were having fun with Andy, you were having the best time of your life. He lived such a visceral existence, which is why he would do incomprehensible things on his surfboard. It all came from the heart. You never knew what the hell he was gonna say or do, which made him tough to photograph—but always exciting. With most surfers, you can look at the wave they’re on and it can be predictable. With Andy, you just had to be ready.


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