Back in the late 90’s and early 00’s the bail section was one of the most hyped part of any boarding video. Then things got too perfect and they disappeared in favor of showing only the best of the best.

Now that Instagram and instant pleasure rules the world the wipeout is back with a vengeance. To the average person they are more entertaining then any perfect make ever will be. @KookSlams is one of the originators and with almost a million followers one of the largest as well. Run by three anonymous Kook curators from Orange County, one of them opened up to Surfline in a rare interview.

Are they millionaires? Getting flown around the world to influencer parties? This interview tells all.



Are there rules for what you can and can’t post? 
Pretty much our main rule is the Death Rule. Like, if the person literally died, that’s where we’ll draw the line. We have some other loose rules, too. We try to keep things clean and stay away from any video that’s super vulgar. We have a large following of young kids, so we’re not trying to pollute brains here.  



Click to SURFLINE for the interview with one of the @KookSlams founders




Saturday crowds be like.. #waitforit #cominginhawwt #onyoursix

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