Blake Myers cut his teeth under Kai Neville before doing great things at WHAT YOUTH. Now he’s living in France and getting even more artistic – mostly on film – and doesn’t want to be making indie skate/surf movies when he’s 35. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

The cats from Medium Skate Mag caught up with Blake and nerded out over film and creating.



RM: How did you initially get into filmmaking?

BM: The first stuff I did was actually Lego stop motion when I was 10. When I was 13 I got a handy cam and I would film my friends surfing. They were getting sponsored so I would make clips of them and that’s how Ky Neville saw my stuff. Things went from there, it’s a pretty typical story.

RM: Yeah, especially in the narrative and documentary film genres. You’re either a film buff who went to film school and learned the technical side, or you started filming skateboarding and worked up from there.

BM: I’m at that point where I want to be on a set. Documentary work compared to the commercial world are really different. I’m wanting to go more in the commercial route this year while still working on fun passion projects like the stuff with Leo.

RM: When you’re shooting films, there’s a preconceived notion that you need big budgets to shoot something technically proper versus just getting into it and figuring it out as you go. How has coming from the underground skate/surf world informed your processes, style and work ethic?

BM: It’s definitely more of a raw approach and an understanding you don’t need tons of gear. You can just go out with the camera and make it happen. I would do it that way at What Youth and there were times people would ask, ‘Where’s all your gear? Where’s your crew?’ But they would trust me. Although, working with a crew definitely helps out a lot but then you can lose that creativity you get when you just go out for a weekend, keep it mellow and make it happen.

I had to pitch and sell DC on the Leo project but in the end they gave us the freedom to do what we wanted. They didn’t even want their logo on it, which is quite different from DC’s usual approach.




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