It’s been a minute since Supreme’s “Cherry” influenced tastes of skateboarders and fashion in the streets and on the catwalks. Now it’s creator, William Strobeck, is back with Supreme’s “Blessed” video. The first without Dylan Rieder, but his spirit lives on in both its title and content. Bill talked to Quartersnacks about the two plus years they’ve been filming, the tear that Tyshawn Jones has been on, and much more.



In your videos, the extracurriculars to skateboarding have always had a presence. Did you have a particular line of inspiration that made you emphasize things surrounding the trick more?

You need a certain type of person to film. The things that happen before and after tricks are equally as valuable as a trick. Like, my mind isn’t blown from a skateboard trick. I care more about documenting the lifestyle and personality stuff that happens with who I skate with.

I’ve been filming for 20 something years, and I’m trying to entertain myself, too. I can’t just be like, “Let’s go to this spot and try this trick.” And then the next day, “Let’s go to this spot and try this trick.” I want to entertain people who aren’t skaters, too. I want to provide them with so much more than what they’re going to get from a single trick they don’t understand. I want to make them understand it, but to keep them glued to it, I need these other things, and I think I’m real lucky to have the people around that are entertaining. Because I’m a fan, you know what I mean? I’m a fan of all of the kids I skate with.




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