What can’t the King of Pop Tyshawn Jones do? At 19 he’s already fulfilled a childhood dream of having a restaurant, been NY’s first ever (?) SOTY, and didn’t he even breed dogs at one point? Either way, Tyshawn is the present and the future. Grub Street looked into TJ opening his restaurant Tastes So Good (Make You Wanna Slap Yo Mamma) the title of course taken from the terribly awesome Ice Cube cult hit.



Jones, a soft-spoken, kind 19-year-old, is one of skateboarding’s brightest young stars. He’s the current cover star of Thrasher — a wild shot, featuring him flying over an entrance to the 33rd Street 6 station — and a contender for the magazine’s Skater of the Year award. Signed to both Adidas and Supreme, Jones first broke out when he was featured on the latter brand’s beloved skate video “Cherry.” He was 14 years old, a tiny, fearless force in an undershirt and a ball cap. It feels only right, then, that he’s similarly bold in his side career as a budding New York restaurateur. His childhood home is just around the corner, as is his old school, I.S. 131. “Over here, it’s just fast food, burgers, pizza — nasty food,” Jones says. “They don’t care, they just want the money. It’s nothing that I would eat. I wanna give people fresh food, food that they don’t have.”




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