Ever since Color Skateboard Magazine disappeared, sadly as it was one of the best, Canada has been seriously lacking in the global reaching print skate category. The only mag left standing was SBC, which is still dope, but it covers the Canadian scene specifically. We were missing a global skateboard magazine that catered to the more creative side of the culture.

Enter Medium Skate Mag. Joel Watamaniuk and Will Jivcof decided to put it together and take on the world.

As Will says: “Medium is our excuse to get involved with the type of skateboarding we really believe in. Whether that’s an artist or skateboarder we’re really stoked on, or just a friend of ours who we believe in, we want to give those people and their work a platform. Magazines in Canada are traditionally bound to it’s borders and don’t often print skateboarding unless it’s based here. It’s rare to see a magazine like Solo, Grey or Free here in Canada so Medium is also a solution to those issues as well.”


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