Christian ‘Hitsch’ Haller has been redefining snowboarding for awhile now. Not just with the biggest airs of all time on a hip, but through creativity, style, and artsiness as well.

Along with his crew of Stephan Maurer and Kris Lüdi they have released some of the most original snowboard movies of the last few years. GLUE, released just last week and watchable below, may be the best yet. It’s unique, creative, and well thought out. Veering strongly away from the typical formula of snowboard videos. Thank god.

Pyramid Magazine caught up with Haller and got the lowdown:

So, GLUE. Tell us what it is.
Glue is of course a visual project. Yes its artsy, but its also kinda not. It’s mostly about translating the feeling I get from snowboarding, and hopefully the viewers can put themselves in my role and really feel the intensity and the fun of what I do. I really want people to understand my point of view of snowboarding and what I’m doing, and I think that’s really important. I ride contests and do my technical stuff there, but I don’t want to do it all the time. The night run in Japan was so fun, it’s simple but nice and to me that’s an important part of what snowboarding is all about. Contests are fine and good and necessary, but the simple things are necessary to me too.


Click over to Pyramid Magazine and listen to Hitsch Haller talk GLUE


Things got a bit blurry at #pleasurespringsession Thanks @snowparklaax for another epic season! p: @dominiczimmermann1

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