It’s been a month now since Dylan Rieder passed away and the tributes are pouring out.

The Skateboard Mag did a collab cover between a photo from Atiba Jefferson and artwork from Mark Oblow – Dylan’s closest friend – and did up a behind the scenes video about it. During the edit Mark tells a bunch of touching personal stories about the life of Dylan. And what a damn legend he was!

Ranging from the worlds most well known pro skaters and super models sleeping on the hospital room floor during Dylan’s final days to how Dylan would walk away from big money modeling gigs because he was a skateboarder at heart and his own self and image and always being in 100% control was the most important thing to him.

He walked away from Analog because he didn’t like the products they were putting out with his name on them and from that day he never signed with another skate clothing sponsor. Not because no one wanted him. It’s because Dylan had his ideals. His own self and authenticity wasn’t for sale.

“Dylan wasn’t a rich man. Dylan didn’t have fuckin’ houses. Dylan didn’t have Ferrari’s. And here he is going, “Naw, I’m going to walk away from $300 000 and fuck it I don’t care.” That’s how much he cared about his image and about skateboarding!”


Mark also remembers the time a famous VOGUE photographer saying to Mark, “we need him to jump.” How many people would be going, Oh VOGUE magazine I’m with A$AP. I’m jumping!!!

And Dylan just goes:

“I ain’t jumping. I ain’t your fucking toy.”

Fucking classic.


So many good quotes from Oblow as he remembers his boy…

“Skateboarding has such a beautiful fuckin’ community. and that’s why to have hero’s like this. This is ours? Fuck James Dean. Fuck Brad Pitt and all those dudes. This dude’s ours! He’s the most cool bad ass, it’s like being a part of Jimi Hendrix’s life. It’s a trip.”


Click over to The Skateboard Mag to watch the making of Dylan Reider’s cover with his closest friend Mark Oblow.



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