That damn Evan Mock. Ripping on all the boards and in the streets and behind the lens. The Hawaiian born good guy is now on Welcome Skateboards – finally – and posed for more greatness. Name another skater that can get barreled on the North Shore and text with Heidi Slimane in the same day and not let it go to his head?



How else do you see surfers vs. skaters?

Some of the best skaters are so into surfing. They are realizing how much sicker surfing is than skating, like falling in the water versus concrete. My friend moved to France to surf more, and Arto [Saari] went from living on Hollywood and Fairfax to living right behind Pupukea Grill on the North Shore. He says it’s for his daughter. He’s building a fortress there.

Do you ever get any grief for being a skater and also a surfer?

The real core skate homies do, but that’s the way I was raised, doing both. I went to Sweden a couple years ago and saw these kids riding scooters everywhere. So, if your friends scooter, then you’re going to scooter. if you live in S.F. you’re going to grow up bombing hills. When you are young, you’re not thinking too much, you’re just doing things to have fun.




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