If you are old, or you played Tony Hawk Pro Skater, then you remember the wildness that was the Venice Pavilion. Home to skateboarders, gangbangers, and everything in-between it held epic sessions, fights, shows, and art. Although demolished by the city in 2000 it is back now thanks to Adidas Skateboarding at Beyond The Streets. WY talked to one of the heads behind the project Cullen Poythress.




Are we looking back on the Pavilion with rose colored lenses on? It did have it’s problems like violence, homelessness, rollerbladers, gangs, drug addicts, littered with garbage/piss/shit, and worse.

Yeah it’s funny. That’s the one thing that is missing. Everyone recalls how bad it smelt like piss and shit. Everyone I talked to said, “Yeah man that place smelled so bad.” It was a gritty grimy place. There’s broken glass, 40’s. There was gang bangers. There were drugs. And all this stuff happened there too. Obviously we’re not going to do that here at the exhibit, but I guess in that sense yeah, not having that here is the one thing we’re missing. To our credit we did try to make this as authentic to the original as possible. We worked with RISK. Obviously a huge name in graffiti in LA who has all the respect in the world. We brought in a lot of the original writers you see here that were in the scene at the time. All the things you see here are all original. It’s not random people who had nothing to do with this shit. All the architecture is to scale. We were a little bit limited on space, I wish we had more space to make it a bit more skateable, but restrictions dictated that. But we are gonna skate here.




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