A good number of great charities have popped up through snowboarding, skateboarding, and surfing. Boarding For Breast Cancer – or B4BC – is one of the originals. Formed in 1996 with the inclusion of a few female pro snowboarders like Shannon Dunn and Tina Basich it has gotten huge in the last 20 years. In fact they just celebrated this anniversary with a fund-raising art show called AMPLIFY.

Meaghan Pischke pro snowboarder, surfer, mom, B4BC advocate and ironically breast cancer survivor sat down with Live Fast Mag to talk:


You’re a pro-snowboarder and, in its 20 years, B4BC has worked with countless others in the pro-boarding community – such as, Olympic Gold Medalist and B4BC Team Member, Jamie Anderson. What do you think has been the “glue” between these two seemingly different worlds? And do you think that “glue” could connect people to this cause beyond the boarding community (snow, surf, skate, etc)? 

MP: Not sure what you mean about seemingly different worlds? Our roots are most definitely in the action sports/ snowboard communities, and they have carried us and supported our cause for 20 years now, and there is just no amount of gratitude we, as an organization, can express for that. But I believe our message is much bigger than snowboarding, bigger than the action sports world, but we can of course continue to use our roots and our heritage, as a platform to deliver this message. And being active, being an athlete, and a conscious young person is so easily translated by so many of our action sports athletes these days, it all makes sense when the message is delivered by them. And so yes, that is most definitely “glue” that I hope would inspire all people! Jamie being involved was on her own doing, and she is one of the most down to earth, tree hugging, earth loving people I know. Her advocation for us is a natural, and makes total sense. Not to mention, her board sponsor Gnu, has donated the last 10 years of the BPro snowboard to our cause, so it all belongs.

But yes, we are growing beyond that, and this is the intention for sure, to keep our roots and our heritage intact, but share this message with as many people who want to listen.. Even if a young person isn’t interested in sports, I would hope they would be interested in their own body, and understand the importance of what we are educating. Breast cancer is just too prevalent nowadays to not know it exists. It affects so many of all ages, even if it is their aunt, their best friends mom, or their college roommate. I hope we can touch many people over the years to come.


Click over to Live Fast Mag to read the full B4BC interview with Meagan Pischke.


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