A lot’s been said about Ben Gulliver’s The Seawolf cold water surf film. Why? Because it is fabulously epic and avoids the common clichés.

Pete Devries, Balaram Stack, Chippa Wilson, Noah Wegrich, Josh Mulcoy, Cam Richards, Oliver Kurtz, and Noah Cohen all put in appearances but never look too cold because they are just ripping so damn hard!

As the flick tours around the world and the UK specifically the director Ben Gulliver gave up a little interview to Wavelength.



There have been a lot of incredible cold water surf movies over the last couple years, what were your goals for the movie and what sets it apart?

The goal for the movie was to make a cold water surf movie that was purely surfing and very little storytelling or emphasis on exploration and adventure. I think I have just seen so many versions of the same thing when it comes to surfing in cold and remote places. I think people get the idea by now. It’s cold. Bring a jacket and a wetsuit. You’ll be fine.



Click to WAVELENGTH MAG for the interview about The Seawolf w/ Ben Gulliver





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