Clay Marzo the ripping Australian surfer who seems to not feel cold water temps when he surfs and rips the barrel like a freak and who was famously diagnosed with a highly functioning form of autism called asperger’s was the victim of a $400k, 6.5 year embezzlement scheme from his long term bookkeeper. Marzo lost his home and life savings as well as $30k in debt. Clay’s mom was also a victim.

Their longterm bookkeeper has been taking advantage of autistic Clay and his mom who suffers from severe dyslexia for almost seven years. What kind of fucked up human could do that?

And also how much money was Clay making back when he had a ton of sponsors that it took this long to notice the loss of almost a half-million?

This part of the article is just heartbreaking:

“I told him . . . she took pretty much all of your money and put you in debt and took a lot of my money,” Clark said. “Most people would’ve been outraged and yelling, but he looked at me and he said, ‘Well, she must have needed it.’ ”


Hopefully Clay gets all sorted out. If even the Maui News knows that the surf industry has completely tanked it’s going to take a special sponsor to step up.


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