Leave it to Boil The Ocean to create a poetic ode to Real skateboards further bringing back the nineties by offering a 7.56″ skate deck with Ishod Wair’s name on it.

Is anyone ready to break the sub-eight inch deck yet?


“In what has emerged as the final hardgood taboo, skating seven-anythings since roughly 2004 first became the domain of those lingering devotees to the San Diego school of tongue-puffery who felt PJ Ladd’s wonderful and horrible vibes but never fully boarded Eastern Exposure’s subterranean railroad. The Baker/Zero axis carried a machismo and masochism that soon elbowed once-stalwart 7.75s into a minority position on shop walls, and the advent of Anti-Hero as the guiding force into the aughts made such sizes an endangered species; by the time Justin Figuoera gloated how alighting upon his 8.5-plus ironing board felt like landing in your living room, anything below the 8″ mark had become a subject of open derision, similar to a wizard staff built from craft microbrews or the dreaded mall grab. The age of the big, swinging deck had been cemented.”


Click over to BOIL THE OCEAN for Ishod Wair’s attempt to break the sub-8 inch taboo



Indy air at 5dock skatepark!! I'm hyped on this photo thanks @burnout 🙏🏾

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