Since Jonah Hill has been claiming skate s0 hard the last few years and even making a movie about skateboarding called Mid90’s there’s been a lot of people (like Weckingball) who have been questioning his dedication to the craft. Jenkem looked into it and sounds like we can continue moving along.

The most important message out of this investigation though, is below.


While nobody said they had any footage of him, and the only visual proof we have of Jonah skating is a blurry kickflip sequence (that he later deleted), who really gives a shit? From chatting with the Hot Rod dudes, it seems like Jonah had skate culture ingrained in his virgin mind since the early days, and if he really was the first person to spend money at Hot Rod, that would’ve been around 1996, in the mid-’90s.

So the next time your neighbor mentions “this new skateboard movie” they read about in the New Yorker, you don’t have go on a triggered rant about how skateboard culture is getting hijacked by outsiders.




Click to JENKEM for the investigation into Jonah Hill’s skate past







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