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Can’t make this shit up. VOGUE seems to be struggling for relevancy in the youth market lately by taking on something they truly have no clue about – skateboarding.

At least this time they got Alex Olson (aka Call Me (917)Team-Handsome Bianca Chandon) to direct. And to his credit it seems like he’s taking the piss out of them a little bit. The video is a fluffy piece of a summer day in the life of a skater in nyc. Cruising the streets to Tompkins and then playing hacky sack while girls stare at them and talk about if hacky sack makes them want to fuck them more. Wait… is hacky sack a thing now?

Things are getting strange. What do skaters thing about all this culture appropriation from fashion?


alex olson vogue fashion skate video girlsalex olson vogue fashion skate video hacky sack

Skate New York With the City’s Coolest Crew

Alex Olson and friends take to the streets of New York for sun, skate, and, yes, maybe a little hacky sack. Featuring Chris “Mango” Milic, Max Palmer, Hugo Boserup, Hjalte Halberg, TJ Robinson, Tyler Dingman, Andrew Wilson, Cyrus Bennett, Nolan Benfield, and Kohlton Ervin; with Paloma Elsesser, Camilla Deterre, Slick Woods, and more.