Ozzie Wright is still blazing trails through the surf and art cultures as he has been for decades. Showing the youth how it’s done both on and off the board. Pen or form, Ozzie has the wisdom and style to back it up.



You were a real outlier at the beginning of your career, making weird art and just trying to do airs on every wave. Did you deal with much criticism for that back then?

I did. I remember there was letter printed in Tracks magazine from a guy who went on a long rant about how my parents must be ashamed of me because “I look like a junkie.” He said stuff like, “Come back to earth, space cadet,” and “My 2 year old draws better than you.” I was pretty shattered when I read that. But then I photocopied it, blew it up and put it on my wall and sort of turned it into art.

What advice would you give to kids today who find themselves dealing with harsh critics?

Now everyone just flies off the handle and writes whatever they want on the web or Instagram, so I think kids are more used to criticism. But I still would tell kids to ignore that stuff, don’t read it or just laugh at it. I hang out with Noa Deane and he’s copped a fair bit of criticism. Guys like him have pretty thick skin, but I think those kinds of comments can be dangerous. It’s horrible what some people write.




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