BOARD RAP is an independent news aggregator focusing on curating only the best of surfing, skateboarding, and snowboarding. Updated daily to keep you in the know from the mainstream to the underground. As large media groups are being taken over by advertising, we’re here to keep it real.





Official Press Release:

Los Angeles, CA.  –
Board Rap is an independent website that curates all the best daily surfing, skateboarding, and snowboarding news without the clutter.

Another website? Why bother, you ask.

Action sports media is drowning you in bullshit! That’s why.
Traditional ad dollars are drying up so they are compensating by polluting their content with advertorials, sponsored content, native advertising, paid news, brand partnerships, click bait, and more dirty business.

Board Rap filters this noise offering one-stop for news, facts, and rumors. The site expertly aggregates direct hyperlinks for both civilians and industry. Stories are also authored when others are too frightened of advertisers to get their fingers dirty.

It’s a strange new world that made Board Rap necessary: On-line retailers are purchasing magazines. Fashion conglomerates are buying publishing companies. Brands are taking over websites. Websites are acquiring magazines. Creative agencies are disguising themselves as content creators. It’s no longer easy to tell where editorial starts and ad’s end.

Board Rap is for the purists. No skiing, no motocross, no kites, no bmx, no car stunts, no eXtreme… only what really matters: Surfing, Skating, + Snowboarding. Our focus is the personalities that create these lifestyles rather than the brands that are hijacking it. Everything that appears on Boardrap.com does so because it’s newsworthy or incredibly dope. So stop wasting time navigating 20 other websites and start visiting hourly to dominate office water cooler conversations or even to steal content for your own websites and social media.




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