A.V.E Gets Chrome Ball’d | “I’d party super hard + then convalesce by ordering pizzas, eating macaroni + cheese and pints of ice cream.”


AVE just got done Chrome Ball’ing w/ Chops. What are you waiting for?

Anthony Van Engelen’s notoriety has only grown the last few years since starting up Fucking Awesome and Hockey with fellow icon Jason Dill. Two of the strongest personalities in skateboarding keeping skateboarding legit. He’s got stories for days as well like when he had to move to Russia for half a year to help get straightened out and of course the legendary Steve Berra/Jason Dill beef.



But I have to congratulate you on all the success with these brands, man. These rumors are a testament to that. But why do you think that is? What makes FA/Hockey stick out in a sea of other brands?

Most importantly, I think it’s the team. And then the imagery that comes along with it, which for FA is all Dill. There’s just so much authenticity to it all. It’s not a bunch of bullshit. 

When people ask me about FA, it makes me step back and look at how it’s all gone down over the last 6 years or so, even before we decided to do the board brand. I look at certain moments leading up to it, it feels like the perfect storm. The right things all coming together at the right time, like it was supposed to happen.

Dill had come back to LA and was getting his shit together. He was staying at a friend’s house before coming to stay with me for a year or so. We just started skating a ton. He was sparked again and opportunities were starting to come. I feel like through that year of living together, so much shit happened that has largely resulted in where we are now, for sure.


How did you factor into the Dill/Berra beef that came about in those later Alien years?

I think it started with how Steve and Heath got on together. For Jason and I, we were both super down for Heath getting on. But with Steve, while I had nothing against him, we just didn’t like having no say in it. I always felt like we should’ve. So there was that, which probably didn’t start things off very well.

Steve and I had issues during Mind Field. There was a long period of time where I honestly felt like only a couple of us were the only guys filming for it. He ended hearing that I was talking shit… and I was. It’s so fucking stupid now but at that time, it was serious.

“Where the fuck is this guy? Filming a fucking movie? Sick.”

To this day, I’ve never been in a tour van with that dude. And we were out there a lot. So yeah, this all got back to him and we talked about it. I was honest with him, though. No reason to lie about it, because I was out there. Where the fuck are you?

Looking back on it, it doesn’t matter. It’s just filming shit. But things did progress from there. Dill started to have his own things with Steve, which got really bad. When we did one of our final Workshop tours for the Cinematographer Project, we did a little article for it and, of course, Dill starts it off with, “We kicked the fucking Scientologist off.”

That’s when it really flared up between those two… but you know, he was off the team by then. (laughs)



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